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    Integrated, Effortless, and Always Improving

  • Simple. Mobile. Trusted.

    Reliable software that's easy to use

  • Cloud Based Platform

    Access your data from anywhere

What we do?

"Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple."

- Charles Mingus

  • Mobile App

    Run credit checks in real-time using our mobile credit app.

  • Inventory

    Track equipment in real time for Company, Area, and Individual. View Usage and current levels.

  • Payroll

    Calculate commissions for reps and techs.

  • Schedule

    Schedule appointments for Techs and Reps with ease. View Weekly and Daily Schedules with a single click.

  • Storage

    Your data is safe with us. Store your customer data, documents, and audio files in our cloud.

  • Support

    Hands-on training and help desk support around the clock as well as online training tutorials.

  • Billing

    Process one-time or recurring transactions through Engarde. Credit Card and ACH.

  • GSM Registration

    Register your Alarm.com GSM’s right in Engarde.

  • Central Station Integrations

    Place accounts online in Engarde. No more double-entry.

  • Credit Checks

    Run credit checks immediately through TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax

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Engarde offers a unique administrative experience for burglar alarm and other residential installation companies. Making customer satisfaction our top priority, our purpose is to create software that enables our customers to run their businesses more efficiently by giving them the tools to consolidate and simplify their daily administrative tasks. At affordable prices, we offer high quality, innovative, web based technology that meets our customers expanding needs. In short, our passion is helping businesses run their business.

We Listen

Our software is customer driven, which means we listen. We get our best ideas from our customers. Who knows better than you, what your business needs?

We Care

We have a committed team of software engineers and a Technical support team that work daily on ways to improve and enrich our offerings. We’re very “hands-on” with our customers and make Customer Service our priority.

We’re Passionate

Engarde is passionate about empowering its customers and helping them succeed. We’re constantly working on new methods to enhance your experience.



Engarde was created and developed to fill a need in the Residential Security space. The market was dramatically underserved. There were CRM solutions available, but they were antiquated, cumbersome, offered very little in the line of state of the art integrations, and definitely weren’t mobile. It was developed so that business owners could spend less time running back office procedures and allow them to maximize their efforts on growing their business and retaining customers. Engarde has been in business since 2009 and has been providing elegant solutions for its growing customer base ever since. We now have customers across the United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Despite more and more CRM’s popping up every day, Engarde is still the leading software for our industry. The fact that Engarde was developed by a Security Company, for a Security company, makes us unique. All our Help Desk employees have a Security background, which means we speak your language, understand your world and the needs you have.


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